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 Times change so do the attitudes and lifestyles of the community. It is a know fact that the more citizens a society serves, the greater the need for codes and procedures to address the everyday problems of a community building and growing. Often we recognize the need for such codes only after we have reached a critical stage and it is to late. There was not much urgency about building codes until the devastation of Hurricane Andrew cast an appalling need for stricter codes.

The Washington County Board of County Commissioners has recognized the necessity for stricter codes regarding health, safety, and welfare. The Board adopted a code enforcement policy in April 2000, which calls for compliance with local zoning ordinances and state laws and provides for a code enforcement board of seven members and one alternate. The policy adopted by the county recognizes that voluntary compliance is an important aspect of code enforcement. Florida Statutes Chapter 162 is the state statute that empowers local governments to establish  code enforcement programs at the local levels.

Often a citizen is not aware that certain actions do not meet the local zoning ordinances. Once advised, most of the citizens will take necessary action to correct violations and bring their property up to proper standards. With a county staff member appointed to oversee code enforcement issues, we try to resolve all complaints fairly before referral to the Code Enforcement Board.



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