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About the Building Department

It is our goal to give the public the necessary information to help in the development and permitting of new construction within the county. The permitting and inspection procedure established for Washington County is required by Florida Statute and ensures contractors follow the State of Florida Building Codes. Proper permitting and inspections reduce the threat of fire and help reduce the damage caused by flooding, winds, tornadoes, and hurricanes, thus paving the way for a safer working and living environment. The Washington County Building Department is responsible for issuing Building Permits, Reviewing Plans, and Performing Electrical & Building Inspections and maintaining Contractors Licensing. The Building Department can process applications, accept payment, and issue permits without you having to leave your home or schedule time off from work.

How to Permits & Registration Inquiries

Prior to requesting a building permit, you must have an approved Land Use Application through the Planning Department, a valid address through the E-911 Addressing Department, and if required, a driveway permit.

Download/View Land Use Application Download/View E911 Address Application

All contractor’s registration inquires, and documentation should be sent as follows:
Permits may be emailed to permits@washingtonfl.com given you are currently registered with the Washington County Building Department. Emailed and faxed permits processing time may take up to 3 business days. All other permits should be brought into the office for processing.

EMAIL: Building Permits

Building Inspection Requests

Due to a high demand in requests for inspections, please contact Building Department staff at least 48-72 hours prior to inspection date.

Impact Fees

The Washington County Board of County Commissioners have reimplemented the Impact Fees for Residential Development only effective May 15, 2023. Impact Fees still apply to all new Commercial Development.

The rates for New Construction and Mobile Homes are as follows:

  • Emergency Medical System Impact Fee: $74.98
  • Fire Protection Impact Fee: $106.59
  • Road Impact Fee (Detached Single Family): $972.00

If it is within seven (7) years, it is considered to be a replacement. There is currently no fee for replacement. If you have any questions or would like additional information about Impact Fees, please contact the Washington County Building Department at 850-638-6195.

Plan Submittal and Review Fees

Beginning September 1, 2022, the Washington County Building Department will begin charging non-refundable plan submittal and plan review fee. Download/View fee information

Flood Zone Construction

When installing or constructing your home in a Flood Zone, please be aware that you may be required to complete an Elevation Certificate which must be completed by a licensed surveyor or engineer of your choosing. For your convenience, please visit also review the FEMA Homeowners Guide to Elevation Certificates.

To view FEMA's Official National Flood Hazard Map, click here.

Permit Searches

For Permit Searches only, please select the link below.

For Searches between 11/06/2014 to Current Date: Search Here

For Searches between Year 2011-11/05/2014: Search Here

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