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MSBU - Municipal Services Benefit Unit

Sunny Hills is part of unincorporated Washington County and does have a special assessment known as a Municipal Services Benefit Unit (MSBU) that provides certain services enhancements beyond county levels of service. Currently, the assessment is set at $35.18 per improved lot, meaning a lot that is on a paved road, whether it has been built upon or not. In accordance with the county ordinance, the MSBU assessment may increase 5% per year if approved by the MSBU Advisory Committee and the Board of County Commissioners.

The Sunny Hills/Oak Hills MSBU was created by county ordinance 2001-4. The concept of the MSBU was born out of the desire of residents to have a way to enhance services to the community. A survey was conducted to which the results indicated a majority of the community at that time were in favor of the establishment of the MSBU.

In May of 2017 the MSBU Advisory Committee was re-established after a community meeting with The Board of County Commissioners was held in the Sunny Hills Community Building. Residents present indicated that the community desired to maintain the MSBU. See ordinance 17-03 and Resolution 17-08.

Accomplishments of the Advisory Committee since June 2017 include the refurbishment of the fountain at the main entrance, installation of decorative lighting at main entrance, installation of flags at main entrance, installation of new lighting for flags and fountain, installation of new LED lights along Sunny Hills Blvd, mowing contract and trash pick to enhance the beauty of Sunny Hills, installation of community electronic message board, partnering with the county to enhance Wilder Park, lighting at Wider Park. Repaved approximately 6.15 miles of roadway with an additional 1.75 mile planned for FY23. All road repaving will be 100% paid for upon completion. These accomplishments are a direct result of residents who serve voluntarily on your MSBU Advisory Committee.

Governing Directives

  • Resolution Number: 2021-21
  • Ordinance Number: 2021-16
  • Resolution Number: 17-08
  • Ordinance Number: 17-03
  • Ordinance Number: 2013-1
  • Ordinance Number 2011-05
  • Ordinance Number: 2009-2
  • Ordinance Number: 2007-2
  • Ordinance Number: 2001-4

Projects in the Works

Repave approximately 1.4 to 1.75 miles of roadway in unit 10, dependent on current cost of material.

Advisory Board Members

Cherry Sherman - msbu1@washingtonfl.com
Andrea Smith-Blackwood, Vice-Chair - msbu2@washingtonfl.com
Kathy Gesslein - msbu3@washingtonfl.com
Bettylee Weekley - msbu4@washingtonfl.com
Scott Parish, Chair - msbu5@washingtonfl.com

MSBU Coordinator

Steven Healis
Phone: (850) 703-3407

MSBU Advisory Committee Meeting

Next Scheduled Meeting: May 9, 2023
Location: Sunny Hills Community Center
4083 Challenger Boulevard

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    • dial
    • 1+ (850) 703-3407
    • Hours of Operation
    • M-F 8-4
    • Address
    • 4083 Challenger Blvd.
    • Sunny Hills, FL 32428

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